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  • Charlie Taylor

Stefflon Don Is Not A Nicki Minaj Clone

So I was talking with a friend the other day. (For context, she's American) The conversation evolved to some Hip-Hop talk (Always love those conversations) and she asked me:

"Is Stefflon Don the equivalent of Nicki Minaj over there?"

That got me thinking. The first thought in my head was "Why do people ask these questions?" For my friend it was trying to gain an understanding as to what Stefflon Don is about. It came from a lens of curiosity. In the moment, I answered in the mould of "Yes & no". Sat square on the fence. But these kind of things are fascinating to think about right? Because if you listen to both artists, there's some similarities here & there, but, as I've put in the title, I don't think Stefflon is a Nicki clone.

But let's dive into this right quick. Why do people think that? Because let's be real, if you have seen Stefflon, Nicki is the blank comparison you make, I get it. Put simply. If you're a regular person that listens to whatever is on, you will see Nicki quack like a duck, look like a duck, then you see Stefflon also quacking and looking like a duck and your brain will say "they're ducks, they're both the same".

But that's not how things work. The regular listener just takes what is given to them. But if you do any form of research, you'll realise that they're different. Sure, visually they're in that category that we have unfortunately put some female rappers in, but that's scratching the surface!

Their bars, dramatically different, subject matter can be similar but their performance, deliveries & demeanour are different. Background. HUGE differences. If you actually listened to their music, you will see that Stefflon can go from UK Rap to Dancehall in a click of a finger. She's a product of many cultures and it shows.

But then again. Why am I spending words trying to separate them? Maybe Stefflon would love to be put in the same conversation as Nicki? Nicki is (commercially) the most successful female rap artist of the Century?

I know why, because when the average person ask that question, it's actually them asking "Is Stefflon just another Nicki?". When most people ask that, they've seen them both and because they dress similar it's a reason to call Stefflon a clone. No she is not. I actually find Stefflon more authentic as an artist. But just because they would put themselves as artistic descendants of Lil Kim. Doesn't mean they're the same. It's yet another hurdle that female rap artists have to go over. Male artists can look like each other but don't have their careers defined by it.

Now, that can easily be part of a larger conversation like how women are more defined by "Fashion", but larger social conversations aside, LISTEN to the artists before you talk. Stefflon Don may fly in the same Solar System as Nicki, but they're different planets and Stefflon Don deserves to be designated as such.


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