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ABout The 5th Element

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Back then I only knew him as a visual artist I bought art from, but he contacted me, asking if I was down to head up an idea he had. After talking for a few times, the idea gained a name. 

"The 5th Element"

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In the Summer of 2016, I was looking forward to going to University and starting a new chapter in my life. At that point, I was just a few days off leaving a writing position after being there for three years. But then I got a call from now friend Martin Askem.


With the seed given, I ran with it and spent the next few months creating the site you're on now. And on the 5th November, 2016, "The 5th Element" was born!

Podcast(s) come soon..._▪️_#ColourCode.j

Charlie Taylor - Director/Co-Founder 


What's Good? I'm Charlie and I am the Director & Owner of this fine site. Born in '96, London, England. I am a graduate of Southampton Solent University in Film & Television and I'm also a screenwriter.

Hip-Hop, to me, is a learning tool. To gain life experience from the most extraordinary people who have lived lives I can never imagine living. It is why "The 5th Element" is important to me. Hip-Hop has become a multi-billion dollar industry but people my age have no idea who the pioneers are, how it was all about community and creative ambition. I find that the history of this genre can teach the young people of today in a fun way. Not just about music but about life. I'm not the best dancer, I sure can't MC, DJ or do graffiti. But as a writer, I always appreciate a great story and Hip-Hop itself is a fascinating story I want to document.

Twitter & IG: ChilliCharlie22

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