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Our Journey Through Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop has come a long way. Not only is it arguably the most popular genre right now, but it is also now a tree filled with sub-genres, differing styles, messages and speeds. Now, in the collage preceding this text you're currently reading, understand that this page would be miles long if I tried to include every great Hip-Hop artist(s) so some people are left out. But realise that this is a good thing. It is very hard to account for everyone because the spectrum is so wide, you can spend your entire life listening to Hip-Hop and there will always be somebody you haven't listened to.



Our Journey Through Hip-Hop is all about us living our lives, a diary of sorts where we keep you up to date on what we're listening to, thoughts on concerts or festivals we just so happened to go to. Or just anything Hip-Hop related.


But it's not our journey. Hip-Hop is for everybody and so is this page. If you have a unique story that's Hip-Hop related we would love to hear it.


Join us on our journey.


- Charlie Taylor, Lead Editor of The 5th Element 

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