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The Seeds of Knowledge: A Year of The 5th Element

Art You Can Hear

A year ago, I conceived the idea of an online Hip-Hop revue. Something that would be easy to read, entertaining, educational and most importantly, not patronising and real. Something that would connect with Hip-Hop heads, be them followers of the new school, the current interpretation of the craft and also the lovers of the Golden Age. With great writing to bridge the gap between the two and be a outlet to be the voice of the culture of Hip-Hop.

The 5th Element.

I had been really fortunate in meeting a collection of people through my artistic endeavours and the formulation of my company Art You Can Hear, a collection of very talented people, people with vision and a love for Hip Hop that is unparalleled. One person in particular had grabbed my attention with his writing ability and passion that was a no brainer to appoint as editor and captain of the ship.

Charlie Taylor, an aspiring screenwriter and a University student who already had outstanding experience in writing about the NBA and a radio show called "What's Good?". Charlie immediately stepped up to the plate and pretty much single handedly delivered what you have and continue to read in The 5th Element.

Today we celebrate our 1st Anniversary and I take this opportunity to thank Charlie for his sterling writing ability and sheer level of passion and determination.

The art of Hip-Hop and Rap is without doubt the most powerful and influential art form on the planet. It’s influence on our lives across generations affects us and is around us in everything we do and see. I began my journey in Hip-Hop in around 1984 and my journey since then has gone from being an avid listener and follower to an active figure within the industry, working alongside some of the greatest people in the game.

Hip-Hop is something that offers this and future generations hope. A powerful voice to overcome what appears to be almost a rewind in history regarding race relations and civil rights. Hip-Hop has the ability to unite not only neighbourhoods but the whole world. Hip-Hop stands as the last remaining art form that can and will carry this and future generations forward. It was in fact the Hip-Hop generation that saw the first Black President elected into office. Now, more than ever, Hip-Hop is needed to galvanise the greatness of people to unite and overcome adversity.

The 5th Element is a very small part of Hip-Hop, but we have a very loud voice and we are going get louder and louder as we grow as a collective and with the Art You Can Hear groups vision.

Thank you to all those who have supported The 5th Element and enjoyed our content, this is just the start for what comes next is beyond imagination. ASKEM President The 5th Element Publishing an Art You Can Hear Company Special thank you to Regal, Monesha Whiteley, Dan Harran, Chad, Albert, Laura LBC, Chuck D Eric, Judy Ridenhour, Herman Rice, Lorrie Boula & Lion.

Thank you to Davin, no words are needed. Anyone I’ve missed you are all appreciated.


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