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The Women;s Advocate 

Welcome to The 5th Element Women's Advocate. I would like to take a moment to educate our society about how much Hip-Hop matters but also why we are not talking enough about the women that have worked hard for all the women in the Hip-Hop community. 

Hip-Hop has battled through many stereotypes such as the messages artists send and elements that form Hip-Hop today not being considered as art. Specifically, women have been degraded or labelled as objects in lyrics and music videos. As a woman who lives and breathes Hip-Hop. I have seen may young people and women suffer from social neglect and disregard in Hip-Hop media.

As Global Women's Advocate I would like to unite with women around the world to change the landscape of Hip-Hop culture, to bring the women together and build relationships to empower the movement.

 - Monesha Whiteley, Global Women's Advocate.

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