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"What's Good?" W/Charlie Taylor - Special - Gods Of Rap

Gods Of Rap

Last Friday, I headed to London with one of my "Day 1's" Tyler to go to the "Gods Of Rap" Tour at The SSE Arena, Wembley. De La Soul, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan & DJ Premier. First stop on their tour.

So I thought to myself, why not do some on-site recording and have this once in a lifetime event on digital wax! And that's exactly what happened! Before the show, Tyler & I talked about our excitement for the concert, how we got into Hip-Hop and also talked some football as well since we were days off the historic comebacks & results in the Champions League.

We then gave our immediate reactions to the FIVE HOUR show and who we'd like to see for the rumoured "Gods Of Rap 2".

But on this article, I wanted to give some extra thoughts to the show and also have a little gripe.

In this day & age, it is very rare to see a Hip-Hop group that came to prominence in the 20th Century. Especially if they're US based and you're in the UK like I am. Which is why I was so excited to be present at this event. For me, just being there was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Where I can say that I saw three iconic Hip-Hop groups, hosted by one of the greatest Hip-Hop Producer/DJ's of All-Time in one night.

When my friend Tyler went on Twitter on the way home, I saw people asking "where was Flava Flav & Method Man"? This makes me sad because if people were hell-bent on having perfect attendance, instead of being in the moment, witnessing an event that we rarely see nowadays, that's very unfortunate. And I understand if you have seen the groups before when they were in their prime, I'm sure they were 1000 times better.

But like I said, this is rare air. Premier was the perfect host for this event. De La were as if they just dropped "3 Feet High & Rising". Their energy and crowd control was great. PE is STILL a force on the mic and Wu-Tang really are the greatest Hip-Hop group of All-Time. They're just so high quality from a production and especially lyrically. A special shout out to PE's DJ Lord who left me in pieces after his scratch solo. The mix was too much. Overall, this is one one I'll remember forever and I can finally say that I've seen Wu, PE, De La & Preemo.


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