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  • Charlie Taylor

The Defiant Ones Pt.4 - Solidify Your Legacy

Welcome to the final Part of my review of "The Defiant Ones". Part 4 - Solidify Your Legacy.

Straight off the bat, the storytelling of this episode really seeks to create as many ups and downs as possible before the final hour of this series is done. The first milestones for Aftermath were a total flop. I didn't even recognise the cover for "Dr. Dre Presents: The Aftermath". That went Platinum and peaked at 6 in the US Charts, but in this Doc, they were all calling it a flop!

But in all that negativity, with Jimmy getting pressure to dump Dre, arise Sir Marshall Mathers... Then 50 Cent... Then The Game. Then Interscope went on a hot streak. But then the Internet drained the music Industry. I think we forget how much sites like Napster really had the US music Industry on it's knees. It really was a sector specific recession. But as we know. iTunes was the saviour.

This episode wasn't about the historical recapping like the previous three episodes. This was about the now. How they wanted to create a legacy. Now a bulk of this episode is about Beats Headphones and how they made it the household name it is today. They make the marketing campaign seem super common sense. You're Jimmy and Dre, you have all of these artists under you. You know some powerful people. Get them to wear it! Duh right! What really was a stroke of luck was the athletes constantly wearing them. Having the USA Mens Basketball team rock them from the other side of the world. Genius!

But with all this stuff about the headphones, with all the stuff about the Apple deal. Everybody asks the real question. Mr Andre Young. WHEN THE F*** IS DETOX COMING?! I personally have always thought that it would never come and Dre really confirmed it on here. It's dead. I bet you that he has a vault of beats like all the greats do. But he doesn't have a 45 minute/1 hour playlist that we can all call "Detox".

With 15 minutes left in this amazing journey I have been on throughout these past four days. In the greatest of fashions. Something I have commended director Allen Hughes on throughout these four episodes. His transition from Dre talking about him being 50 years old and then going to Kendrick Lamar, someone we haven't seen all series,(!!!) pop up to help wrap this all up was beautiful. Kendrick would say this and has said this in some form. His artistry was born out of what Dre did for the past 30 years. The stuff we just saw in the past 3 hours we call "The Defiant Ones". From NWA, to The Chronic, to 2001. To influence the careers of many people we call legends today.

To briefly go on a tangent. The way that I have written the last three episodes of this long-form review, is watch, pause and put my thoughts down. But I stopped writing for the last 15 minutes. Because once Dre started recording "Talking To My Diary", I realised that it deserved my full attention. It deserved a deep watch, similar to deep listening.

I wanted to write about this series in depth because these are two people that worked for what they have now. They both took risks several times. And this Documentary really encapsulates the roller-coaster ride that has been their lives. The ending of this Documentary really made me think about it as a whole. Where all three parts and 95% of Part 4 were about Dre & Jimmy and how they were supported by many people through the decades, it ended with nearly everybody that participated in the interviews for this series, saying one quote from Dre or Jimmy that they take as gospel.

Sure, you need an inner hunger and tunnel vision. But you can't be where these two guys are without other people. Push people to their highest and they will push you to your highest.

"The Defiant Ones", in Three Words: Legacy, Persistence, Conquering

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