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  • Charlie Taylor

The Defiant Ones Pt.1 - The Genesis

So before I begin, for people that are wondering why I am reviewing a documentary series that dropped in the US last summer. It is because the series is now Internationally on Netflix and I don't like watching things from unofficial streaming sites if I can avoid it. So when I got word that the HBO Documentary Series was coming to Netflix, you knew I was going to watch this as soon as I could and review it for this here site.

Now, as I write this, I have only watched the first part. And I had so many thoughts for this part, I quickly talked myself into writing a review for every part of this series, I think a Doc of this stature deserves one. So that is what's going to happen. I have not seen the rest of the series, so I am going completely off my prior knowledge and what Part 1 gives me. So, with that said, let's get into my thoughts of Part 1 of "The Defiant Ones", which I have titled "The Genesis" because "Part 1" is boring as hell.

So I want to begin with the title "The Defiant Ones", which is a great homage to the 1958 film of the same name starring Sidney Poitier & Tony Curtis. Where a black man and a white man, who seem total opposites at the beginning, end the film with the strongest of bonds. I mean. That's kind of spot on!

I think that is what's great about Part 1 and this relationship overall. How we know about these guy's partnership now but seeing their individual histories makes me ask. How in hell did theses two guys cross paths to become such a formidable duo?! Iovine from Brooklyn, Italian heritage and until he became a record engineer/producer, was aimlessly bouncing from job to job and dropped out of College. I don't know much about Iovine so this angle is really fascinating to me. I really can't wait to see how he kept rising. As a Hip-Hop fan, the story of Dr Dre is a well covered one. The kid from Compton who developed a strong love for music at an early age and used that love to become one of the greatest producers we have ever seen. His work ethic is a stuff of legend.

These two guys are both very hungry in what they want now. But back in the day, it really goes to show that anybody can gain the tunnel vision work ethic. You can naturally have it like Dre, or it can be nurtured, like Iovine learned when he was working with Bruce Springsteen. That is what makes this such a great start to a Documentary series. It's not just about setting the tone, it's also about setting the deeper theme. These guys didn't trip and fall into billions. It took relentless work.

And we haven't even gotten into NWA & Interscope yet!

One more thing. Big up director Allen Hughes. This episode alone is so supreme. The way it deviates from Dre's origins to Iovine's is so seamless, so smooth and the small things like distorting Iovine's voice as he explained music engineering made it that much better.

Part 2. Let's get it.

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