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  • Charlie Taylor

Stop Making Apple AirPods Relevant

Apple AirPods

Let me take you back to the good 'ol days... The days where the iPod was the new, sexy thing to have, replacing the CD player and beating out other digital players like the Walkman.

If you had a music player back then, whether it be on your Sony Ericsson, Motorola Razr, Blackberry Bold (The flashbacks are REAL) or you had a dedicated player, answer this quick question. What did you use to listen? If you had headphones, this piece doesn't apply to you. To the people that used earphones, two more questions for you. 1) What material was the base? 2) WHY ARE THEY EXACTLY LIKE THE AIRPODS YOU SEE ABOVE???

Quick story, I've moved house in the past year and while cleaning out the attic, I was going through boxes of childhood stuff. Stuff that included plastic, wired earphones. I was curious to see if they worked or not, but I couldn't even get to that point because I couldn't get them into my ears properly. Ladies & Gentlemen. Tell me why Apple is selling the exact same thing where the only differences are a slightly smaller base and no wire?

Little something about me. As I have grown up, (I'm 23 now.) I have leaned more and more into researching my tech before I buy them. In the past year or so, I have gotten so deep into the Tech sector of YouTube that it might be the main reason I go on there now from a "time spent" perspective. I just watch just because it interests me now. I've also gotten into written articles, especially when I'm looking to buy a piece of tech. I've been rocking earphones since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 for my birthday (So... Around 17?) possibly before then.

This all coincides with my music tastes and wanting to listen to as much music as possible. Which means my standards have skyrocketed since copping £15-20 SkullCandy earphones off Amazon. Why am I saying all of this? Simply to say that I value good tech. I'm not an audiophile by any means, I'm not copping wires that are worth hundreds by themselves. But I can't go back to the old SkullCandy tings I used to have.

Which brings me to the Apple AirPods, probably THE most offensive thing I see today.

I don't wan't to talk about the environmental sides of them. They're majority plastic, you can guess how toxic these are in terms of proper disposal. But the fact that people are buying these, when they have the same build as those plastic bricks people used to put in their ears nearly two decades ago, baffles my mind.

Do people not care about sound quality? Do people not care about fit and noise cancellation?

You're being sold an outdated form factor. And what's even bigger slap in the face is that they have a better set of wireless earphones in their line-up. Now that Apple has swallowed Beats, they now have the PowerBeats line which is a more "Athletic" form factor and granted, more expensive but actually seems worth the cost

One Hundred & Fifty Pounds for AirPods? Seriously? I know I'm basically yelling at the sky here. And I understand that I've got higher standards than the average person... But BOY, if this isn't the greatest finesse job of All-Time...

Earphones with gel tips are better in every way and if you don't like the earphones right in your ear, get headphones. I don't see any reason why anyone in their right mind would buy these things. Other than Meme (& Sheep) Culture.


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