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  • Charlie Taylor

Joey Bada$$ Is Right About Rap's State, But He Isn't The Guy To Say It

So... Joey. You've been having fun with you're Twitter recently haven't you?

I usually enjoy when my favourite artists talk their ish. It's fun, it makes good conversation for the day. You may have seen Lupe Fiasco going off on Kendrick and how he's apparently stole everything Lupe is known for. Because apparently nobody can have all black album covers and create a ninja persona.

Social media sound offs are always fun. But there is something about Joey Bada$$' recent mini Twitter tirade that gets me screw facing. Before I get into it, let me get you up to speed on what he said. Let's begin with the tweet that set it off:

Now, I feel like I have made this point several times already. But to retort at Joey's statement. That's what happens when Hip-Hop becomes mainstream. Not everybody's net is as tight as mine or Joey's. I know trash when I hear it. If anything, this is a shot at some Hip-Hop "fans" that like a trash artist but then turn around and say J Cole is trash. They're the people that probably listened to a whole different genre a few years ago but now listens to rap because its the wave. If you don't know anybody like that, its probably you. Especially if you're under the age of 25.

Here were the three other tweets:

Okay, I feel like that last one was low-key trolling. You can't talk about soul and then say "I'm gonna go make a trap record." That is just contradictory.

So now that you know what he said. Let's talk.

I won't talk about the last three tweets. Because it is the first one I am looking at primarily. Let me say this right off the bat. He is 100% correct. The state of Rap is trash right now. When I see this dude with 69 in his name (and all over his face) jumping off the stage and everybody getting out of the way, that is pretty much Rap in a nutshell for me.

In the words of Kendrick Lamar. When shit hits the fan, are you still a fan?

I think Joey is right, but it isn't all about the artists. New rap fans are the most fickle fans in music right now. They're die easy. If you ask somebody who their favourite rapper ever is and its one of these new rappers, they're die easy.

BUT. Even though I agree with Joey, he shouldn't be the guy to say this. If you look at the comments on these tweets, there are two things that people are calling Joey on.

1) He recently said that he was collaborating with XXXTentacion... You can't say this when you literally said a few days ago that you're collaborating with one of the prime examples of the problem you're highlighting.

2) You wrote "Rockstar", a song that made Post Malone relevant. Now I don't know why he didn't rap on it, I don't know if it's his fault that Malone somehow got to it. But you wrote it and that's blood on your hands. For lack of a better phrase.

Artists can do what they like. If they want to be a Lil Wayne look alike (subject for a future article) then by all means. If you want to assign blame. Blame the fans, because as much as we crap on artists for "Being fake" or trash or whatever. It is the people listening that make them relevant.

Or Joey was trolling everybody with this and I took the bait, hook, line and sinker with this article...


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