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  • Charlie Taylor

ECKOES - "S.B.F" - An Excerpt Of A Deeper Narrative

I have probably written this thought before. But something that I have wanted for this site from the beginning is to hear stories from people that I would have never heard if I didn't have this platform. One of my first interviews and the first I did in person was to talk to this unique voice by the name of ECKOES.

When I met her, (the conversation of which you can read here) she seemed like an open book. Easy to talk to. Cue the subject of this particular article. The release of her new music video "S.B.F", try not to get hypnotised by the amazing video itself, because the song confirms my initial thought of her being an open book.

The title stands for "Single Black Female" and explores:

"The gritty realities of sex, and the emotional self-flagellation of giving your body to someone you know you shouldn’t."

To me, this song is fluid, like swaying your hands through water. But the subject matter, the lyics, darkens that water. It's dirty. You get conflicted watching and listening. If you didn't pay attention to the lyrics you'd probably think it's a smooth piece of Neo-Soul but ECKOES' songwriting bears all. It's an look into what is, in my mind, a deeper narrative.

Now I'm single & black, but not a female. So from what she gives here on this track, is something that gives me pause. Where I go, damn. Sex can be really complicated. It can be the most pleasurable thing, but it also can be the most degrading.

But enough of me talking, see for yourself below. Since she allowed me to interview her she's a friend of 5E forever and I'll be sure to support her on this journey she's currently on. If you want to see her live she has a show in London at The Hospital Club on the 6th April. If you want to follow her on social media it is "iameckoes" on FB, Twitter, IG & SoundCloud but you can get all of this at


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