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#5EUK Top 5 - Awon's Albums of 2019

Editor's Note: A tradition we have here at The 5th Element is that I love knowing people's lists. Top 5, Top 10, I live for it.

At the end of every year, I ask the people I have interviewed over the years to see if they would like to participate in The 5th Element End of Year List celebrations. For this list, we get a Top 5 Albums of 2019 from a new Friend of 5EUK.

Here is Awon. Who I interviewed in October, if you want to know more about Awon past his Top 5, peep the interview here.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana

I’ve been a fan of this collaboration since Piñata and they never disappoint. It’s obscure underground meets gangster rap and it’s the perfect combination for Freddie’s pain. I got to see them live and the performance is just as dope as the album.

Skyzoo & Pete Rock - Retropolitan

If there was an example of what nostalgic hip hop should sound like, this album would be it. It sounds like it was crafted in 94 or 95 and Skyzoo is masterful over the lush sample tinged grooves provided by one of the greats, Pete Rock. It’s not just an album, but an education into the sound of an era.

Little Brother - May The Lord Watch

I’ve always been a big fan of LB, this reunion was really over due and the result of the album is pure grown up rap excellence. The concepts and conversation on this record really gets deep, the humour is dry and sarcastic, it’s high brow shit for the listener who hungers for more.

Gang Starr - One Of The Best Yet

This is one of the best posthumous albums I ever heard. I have to give so much props to DJ Premier for bringing Guru back like he never left and making a timeless Gang Starr album that fits perfectly in their stellar catalogue. From the beats to the guest appearances this album really made me feel great inside.

Tyler the Creator - IGOR

This album was well composed, thematic, and intense. It was heartfelt at times, angry, and thoughtful. The emotion on each track really took you into the mind of IGOR. It’s like an NERD tribute album, but also something new and refreshing at the same time, and New Magic Wand just bangs!


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