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  • Ric Flo

Ric Flo's Top 10 Songs of 2020

Editor' Note: What's good reader, Charlie here. If you have peeped lists in years past, you know that I always like to offer the floor to my #Friendsof5E (People I've interviewed over the years.) a platform to join the End of Year list celebrations.

For this list, one of my recent interviews, Ric Flo, has come through with his Top 10 Songs of 2020. Now, he has tried to finesse me and add work that didn't drop in 2020, instead, listing works that he discovered this year. I'm going to allow it, but Ric, if you're reading this. Nice try!

Anyways, without further ado, here's his list! Enjoy.


Yo! This is Ric Flo. As a artist, I'm a fan first and although its been a mad year, I have

probably listened to more music than ever to study and find out whats the magic that I

love about music to instil into my best body of work.

This list should give you a taste of what I have felt has been top-tier music and has

inspired me with my music journey.

Moses Boyd - 2 Far Gone

I have been listening to early Jazz this year from Miles Davis and other Jazz legends, but I feel most can't top that 1950s period and are just replicating what’s been done before.

With this Moses Boyd tune, it was the first time I distinctly noticed the influence of Garage/Grime in what’s been called “Contemporary UK Jazz” and I love it! It feels innovative, pushing the genre forward yet nostalgic because I feel I can hear the influence of music from my generation.


Lex Amor - 100 Angels

In a time where it feels there’s not enough variety in the representation of the female black artist. Lex Amor is a breath of fresh air with a distinct chilled tone and cadence like no other.

It’s honourable to mention her album “Government Tropicana”. I just know when I first heard this tune it literally felt like 100 Angels had been summoned for the track and blessed it with Lex.


Scribz Riley - East Side

I'm a sucker for nostalgia. The eloquence of naughties UK music memories and melodies in this tune is infectious. Simple, but infectious. Had it on repeat. Plus, I'm based in East London and love East London so the connection is strong!


Knucks - Home

Best storytelling track I have heard from a UK Rapper in the last year. That Jazz-Trap sound still has so much potential to be explored and if anyone is doing it really well in the UK, its probably only Knucks.


Aminé - Riri

Just feel good. Sometimes our favourites songs are not that deep but have an infectious mood. Aminé strikes that balance with feel-good quality music videos like DaBaby which separate him from most rappers.


AYLØ - Gardens

Another song I have had on repeat as I'm a sucker for effortless melodies. That guitar intro, the vinyl crackle, effortless cadence. Just something you can always relax too. The writing style feels freestyle-like, a stream of consciousness. Its good to hear that sometimes on track especially with singers, feels honest, effortless, not trying to grab your attention. Just 'pimping on melodics' as AYLØ would say.


Jay Electronica - A.P.I.D.T.A

This song reminds me that these legends are human. And they have problems just like us.

“I got numbers on my phone that I'll never ring again”

I think the concept of this song’s genius because its something we can all relate to yet I haven't really heard it attacked in this way if not at all. Once again feels lowkey but honest.


Kojey Radical - Good (MOBO Awards Version)

Always loved Kojey's creativity and poetry I think this song and especially the spoken word in the MOBO Awards version represents the mood of 2020.


ENNY - Peng Black Girls (Feat. Amia Brave)

Once again, it’s beautiful to hear a fresh black voice in music that is making empowering music for black girls that doesn't feel like a lot of the crap we get thrown at us in the media.


Melanin 9 - Cosmos

I could have picked so many Melanin 9 songs, he’s pretty new in my radar but boy can this guy rap.

I don't often put people on that Nas or let’s say UK Jehst level but Melanin 9 is one of the best lyricists to come out of the UK. The way he puts words together is incredible.


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