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Ric Flo's Top 10 Albums of 2020

Editor' Note: What's good reader, Charlie here. If you have peeped lists in years past, you know that I always like to offer the floor to my #Friendsof5E (People I've interviewed over the years.) a platform to join the End of Year list celebrations.

For this list, one of my recent interviews, Ric Flo, has come through with his Top 10 Songs of 2020. Now, he has tried to finesse me and add work that didn't drop in 2020, instead, listing works that he listened to this year. I'm going to allow it, but Ric, if you're reading this. Nice try!

Anyways, without further ado, here's his list! Enjoy.


I'm going to keep this short & sweet and let the music do the talking. Go listen to all of them if you haven't already!

All of these albums have inspired me to be a better artist.

Deante' Hitchcock – BETTER

If you know me, I've always been about that balance of melody and message and this album has the perfect balance without preaching.


D Smoke - Black Habits

More power to D Smoke, a rare breed of artist that is refreshing in today’s Hip-Hop Generation.


Riz Ahmed - The Long Goodbye

A thought-provoking take on the idea of what 'Home' means to Riz which I think a lot of the minority's in the UK can relate too. The way his attacks it as if the 'UK' his girlfriend is genius from the poetry, to the samples, to the skits, everything! Very strong, fearless body of work.


Nix Northwest - Life's a Bitch, I Just Need an Early Night

Refreshing, relaxed. Just give it a listening. Dreamers will relate.


Emil - Ambrosia

The way the sound is crafted on this album is beautiful, some of the best production I've heard from the UK. So soulful, crafted with sophistication.


Jords - Almost An Adult

The short film that supports this album was my entry to hearing the whole thing. The messaging, cinematography and vibes is top-tier.



This was my album of 2019 but still inspiring to me and was pretty much my blueprint for "Rebirth Of The Phoenix"...


Ric Flo - Rebirth of The Phoenix

What can I say, I'm proud of this album! So many truths over projections. I bear my all in this so it has to be in my top 10. Go listen to it if you haven't already... Top -tier Independent music.


Verbz & Mr Slipz - Radio Waves

A very strong body of work from a young UK Rapper. High Focus was smart to sign him. Looking forward to seeing where he takes things.


Jeshi - Bad Taste

Once again a refreshing artist with a unique sound, repping something different from the status quo in UK Rap.


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