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#5EUK Top 5: Rize's Top Albums Of 2019

Editor's Note: A tradition we have here at The 5th Element is that I love knowing people's lists. Top 5, Top 10, I live for it.

At the end of every year, I ask the people I have interviewed over the years to see if they would like to participate in The 5th Element End of Year List celebrations. For this list, we look to the homie Rize (Formerly Rize Tha Rebel) whose had a busy 2019 of his own! You can find out how hectic it was by listening to the episode of "What's Good?" where me & Rize chop it up.

But for now, here's Rize & his Top 5 Albums of 2019

No.5 - Ocean Wisdom - Big Talk Vol.1

Yeeeesh! There’s not much that needs to be said about this project. Wizzy comes through with another 1hr+ of absolute bangers, at a level of lyricism that I wouldn’t expect from anyone else.

Favourite Tracks: 4AM, MR FIX IT, BREATHIN'

No.4 - Alex Wiley - Tangerine Dream II

I’ve had this album on repeat since it’s release early this year. With a combination of well placed lyrical intervals, melancholy soundscapes and laid back/soulful vocal melodies, it’s served as a soundtrack for 2019. Can’t recommend this project enough.

Favourite Tracks: Quest 2, Quarter To Four, Something More

No.3 - EarthGang - Mirrorland

I only caught onto earth gang over the last couple years, but they’ve quickly become one of my favourite collectives. With a combination of original instrumentals, high level lyricism, and unique vocals Mirrorland almost feels like a new genre.

Favourite Tracks: This Side, Blue Moon, Wings

No.2 - Revenge Of The Dreamers 3

ROTD3 is already a timeless classic and a close runner up for my favourite project of the year. It’s a blessing to see so many upcoming and established artists come together for a collective vision, and feels like a statement toward the era of abundance Hip-Hop is entering, where communities collaborate and grow together, rather than vying for individual success.

Favourite Tracks: Don't Hit Me Right Now, Costa Rica, Sacrifices

No.1 - KOTA The Friend - FOTO

Easily my favourite project of 2019, and my first go to after a long week when I’m in need of a breather. It was an inspiration to see this project chart so well as an independent release, coming from a completely DIY team.

Favourite Tracks: Chicago Diner, Mommy, FOTO


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