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  • Tianna Bartoletta

#5E Top 5: Tianna Bartoletta's Albums of 2018

Editor's Note: As we continue with our 5th Element End of Year Lists, it's now time to see what our Olympic Athlete has been vibing to!

I interviewed Tianna Bartoletta in late 2017 and have been an avid follower of her since. (As I do for every "Friend of 5E") On top of a career in Athletics, (They call it "Track & Field" in the US) she has recently been writing a book about her life so far, practising yoga and teaching people across the US training techniques to help them get better at running.

If you want to follow her journey, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Or hit up her website. So... Without further ado, Tianna Bartoletta's Top 5 Albums of 2018. Enjoy.

Here are my Top Five albums of 2018 (and why) and my favourite song on the album. (if possible to choose)

5. Black Panther Original Soundtrack

First, I'm a mega Marvel fan. I want to play a superhero in a movie, and I got to see people who look like me play bad-ass roles. Additionally, they weren't only bad-asses but they were science geeks too. That's totally the space I occupy. But back to the soundtrack, Kendrick did an amazing job capturing the narrative of the Black Panther story in music. Good beats, powerful lyrics, coupled with the good feelings the movie produces makes for a great listening experience.

Favourite Song(s): "Seasons (Mozzy) & "X" (ScHoolboy Q)


This album had to grow on me, as I was wrongly comparing it to the brilliance that was Lemonade by Beyonce the year before. But I appreciate it as a labour of love between a billionaire couple that have regular relationship issues and used what they are both gifted at to work through it. The album itself represents what can happen when people come together to use their gifts to create not destroy.

Favourite Song: "APESHIT" (For the gym.) "BLACK EFFECT" (For the feel good vibe.)

3. Kamikaze - Eminem

I love when Em gets angry. Because I actually experience a lot of anger for a host of reasons and when I rap along with him, as crazy as he can be sometimes it's actually a healthy way for me to express my own rage.

Favourite Song: Not Alike (Feat. Royce Da 5'9") (This song is just MOOD EVERY DAMN DAY.)

2. Lady Lady - Masego

Oh my god. This album is one of those start the first track and just let it play. I can't even give you a reason for why it's so good, its just really good. On every level.

Favourite Song: Tadow (Feat. FKJ) (The saxophone just does it for me.)

Top Album: Drum roll please....

1. KOD - J.Cole

This album is a thesis on addiction of all kinds. Which I haven't been too shy about talking about in my own life. I appreciate his approach to such a heavy topic. This is an important album to me, he covers everything from social media, politics, taxes, drug use, to meditation.

Favourite Song(s): "Kevin's Heart", "KOD" and "Motiv8" (For the gym.)

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