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#5E Top 5: JFlames' Albums of 2018

Editor's Note: Welcome to the 5E End of 2018 lists! For this list, we have London based Producer/DJ/Artist (Interesting how he didn't put "Rapper" isn't it?) JFlames. He was one half of the first interview I had for The 5th Element. Along with his brother ASON, they were gracious in telling their story to me, a very novice interviewer at the time.

Since then J has kept busy, dropping projects here & there and at the time of writing is currently in Berlin, Germany working on his "Wake & Bake" event along with his brother. If you want to keep up with J, peep his IG here and , more importantly, his Spotify page!Thanks to J for participating, without further ado, here's his Top 5 Albums of 2018!

Much love and blessings peeps!!! My name is JFlames (Artist/ producer/DJ) from South London and this is my list! My Top 5 Albums of 2018.

WARNING TO ALL HIP HOP FUNDAMENTALISTS: You will not be finding any Boom Bap or Kendrick & J.Cole here! Not that I’m not a fan, its because there so much other great music out there to discover...

Trippie Redd - A Love Letter To You 3

Hailing from the same record label as controversial rapper “Tekashi 6ix9ine”, Trippie brings a soulful sound to the once angry sub-genre of "Soundcloud Rap". With this being his 3rd instalment of his Mixtape series, you can hear real musical growth and vulnerability coming through this young man as he sings songs about dealing with a public break up from his long-time girlfriend.

In between the affectionate songs, you do get a few records about life as a “Blood Gang” member and the usual trap music topics, but this tape is definitely proving that young artists can switch it up every now and then.

Favourite Track: Wicked

D Double E - Jackuum!

Veteran East London Grime MC D Double E finally released his solo project after a nearly 20 year wait... When I first heard this album, I thought to myself it sounded more like a bunch of singles thrown together, rather than a fully constructed project. But then I remembered “YOO THIS IS D DOUBLE! SHOW SOME DAMN RESPECT” and its been in my album rotation ever since.

Favourite Track: Nang

Young Dolph - Role Model

People that know me personally will tell you first hand “JFlames is the biggest Gucci Mane fan”. But for some reason, I never really got into Dolph’s music. Even though he came up with the 1017 Brick Squad label. But during the summer, I was sitting down, going through new releases with my cousin and I came across “Role model” and I have not switched it off since. This album is conscious Trap music! I know that sounds like a oxymoron, but trust me, Dolph is the most woke drug dealing rapper I have ever heard...

Favourite Track: I Think I Can Fly

Playboi Carti - Die Lit

“A man of few lyrics”. That sounds like a strange statement to make about a rapper but its the truth. What Playboi lacks in lyrics, he makes up for in ab-libs and flow. I can listen to the album back to front with ease, the beats are infectious and the flows are ridiculous!!! ONE OF MY FAVOURITES THIS YEAR.

Favourite Track: Pull Up

R.City - Tings Yuh See On St. Thomas

Virgin Islands duo R.City release their 2018 project consisting of Dancehall music and Trap. My bro sent me this album and soon as I pressed play, I was captivated. I grew up on a small island also (Dominica) and to hear the island accent and slang over hard hitting trap beats is amazing to me. Well put together project full of hard hitting punchline’s and metaphors.

Favourite Track: Work On Me

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