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Our Mission

Welcome to "The 5th Element", where Hip-Hop is displayed in the light it deserves. 
It has been thought that there are only four elements to Hip-Hop. Not true. Like most things in this day and age, knowledge is neglected and that is our mission statement here at "The 5th Element". To shine a light on the forgotten 5th Element of Hip-Hop. 
This site will include insightful interviews with people in Hip-Hop, around Hip-Hop and people that are true fans of Hip-hop. We will provide unique opinions on the Music, Film & TV you absorb daily with a mixture of written & audio content & hopefully open your mind & think differently.
There is always something to learn when it comes to Hip-Hop. So join us as we learn. We are Students of Hip-Hop after all...
Charlie Taylor - Director of The 5th Element
Our Mission
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Let's Learn


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